High Efficiency high quality

Photovoltaic-Thermal PVT (2Power) Panels (PVT)

Performance increase through cooling.
By extracting heat from the PV-panels, the temperature of the cells decreases. In return, you get a beautiful side effect: You produce more electricity, because cool panels show higher efficiency than hot ones. Every increase of temperature of a normal panel simultaneously lowers its power.
That means cooling your panels offers a double benefit: You get solar heated water and increase your electricity gain at the same time!
Snow-free through winteAs a special feature, every 2Power panel possesses a defrosting feature. Snow and ice-free, your panels can fully benefit from the exceptional winter conditions, such as clear air, high solar radiation and cool temperatures. While surrounding PV power plants hibernate, you proceed to produce environmental friendly electricity and increase your energy harvest.
Electrical module efficiency
17.4 %
Thermal module efficiency
60 %
Toughened solar glass
5 mm
Diameter hailstones
40 mm
Guaranteed government subsidies (in Germany)
20 Years
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